Saturday, September 22, 2012


With the Bookish Brunette Blog Tour going on - I had to create a dream cast for Guardian of the Moon Pendant.
At first, I thought it'd be hard but quickly I realized how much fun it was and really enjoyed it.
So, I'm going to 'share' my DREAM CAST for Guardian of the Moon Pendant when it becomes a movie! ;)


Dream Cast:

Anabel: Deborah Ann Woll

Ms. Control freak is torn between her perfect life with her fiancĂ© Edgar and a sexy Highlander, Blane. Will she choose love or will the Moon Pendant’s power corrupt her?


Izzy: Katy Perry

Ms. Rebel Yell herself, the wild child with a pure heart, always fighting for survival, hoping her family will hear her voice and see her for who she really is. Will she finally find love and someone who can believe in her?

Blane: Chris Hemsworth

Blane is a Highlander and a Sentinel of Light guarding Dunvarghan Castle and protecting the boarders between the realm of the Fae and the realm of Man. Is he truly in love with Anabel or is he secretly in love with someone she reminds him of?

Fergus: Alex Pettyfer

The scruffy Scotsman who never runs from a fight, but will he run from true love?

Vyx: Tom Hardy

Mr. Meat-Head, the Neanderthal himself, hides a secret past, a love that binds him forever. Will he find what he is looking for and secure his eternal love’s heart?

Granny: Judi Dench

Granny, the devoted Guardian, must secure the bloodline and help the MacAlpin women to see the truth in themselves and close the Portal before it’s too late.

Harriet: Kathy Bates

Harriet is the skittish mother who’s always fearful of the past. Will she gain the strength and finally face her worst fears?

Edgar: Christopher Gorham

Mr. Nerd is lost in a world of ideas and the perfect woman. 

Hamish: Michael Gambon

Fergus’ drunken father, whose childish dreams of the Baobhan Sith, the vampiric faery, quickly transforms into his adult nightmare.

Lainahwyn: Angelina Jolie

Lainahwyn is the Baobhan Sith, the vampiric faery, who uses her seductive voice to hypnotize men into her lair, but her true desire is to destroy the MacAlpin clan and open the Portal into the Otherworld.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Red Cap: The Bloody Baron

First off, thanks for stopping by and let's get to the good stuff - The Scottish Fae!

Here's my latest installment of a Scottish Fae which is featured in my new book:
Guardian of the Moon Pendant: The Red Cap.

I was lucky enough to have Andy Paciorek from Strange Lands website allow me to use his version of a Red Cap. Here is a brief description of a Red Cap.

Red Cap:

A Red Cap is a murderous faery found in Scottish folklore. He is an old hunch-backed man, carrying an iron-pike, donning iron-clad boots, who is fast as lightning. He dwells in castles and towers, killing travelers regularly to keep his red cap drenched in blood, for if his cap dries out, he will turn to stone.

I think Andy nailed it with his frightening and sinister version of the Red Cap.

Here is an EXCERPT from the Guardian of the Moon Pendant with the Bloody Baron the Red Cap!!!

The Bloody Baron zipped down the stairs, harnessing a desire to quench his thirst, his bony finger skimmed through my luscious red fluid, his fingertip drenched in my juice as he slid it into his grimy mouth, lighting up his eyes, painting a twisted grin across his sullen face. “So sweet,” he murmured, “sweeter than sweet…”

That's all for today!

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