Saturday, July 14, 2012

In the beginning...

So, welcome to my first blog!

Just pour yourself a nice cup of tea (or coffee->don't want to leave out the java drinkers!) and nestle down in front of your PC/iPad/or Smart Phone and let's begin!

Honestly, *scratchingmyhead* I'm wondering how much blogging I'm going to be doing. Considering, I've never done it before.I feel like I'm just writing a note to myself and no one else will read it.
Hello, McFly? Is there anybody out there?

But, I am very active on Facebook and I'm pretty savvy with my updates there...
So... who knows?

So what's up?
I'm just finishing up the editing for Guardian of the Moon Pendant now. Books always seem to take longer than I always hope they would. Especially, the editing part. Once you're done with your first draft, you're dancing on the ceiling! But, then you soon realize that there's a whole lotta other stuff that needs to be done.
First being, you have to go back and edit again.. and again.. and again.
Then, you get a beta reader... and you wait, and you edit, and you wait.
Then, you get a real editor... and you wait, and wait, and blog.
Then, you get the book back.. and you edit, edit, edit... did I say edit?
Then, you format, edit, and maybe, just maybe you get to publish it!

 So, stay tuned... Same bat channel... same bat time...
And don't mind my silliness... I was born that way!

All the best,

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