Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Red Cap: The Bloody Baron

First off, thanks for stopping by and let's get to the good stuff - The Scottish Fae!

Here's my latest installment of a Scottish Fae which is featured in my new book:
Guardian of the Moon Pendant: The Red Cap.

I was lucky enough to have Andy Paciorek from Strange Lands website allow me to use his version of a Red Cap. Here is a brief description of a Red Cap.

Red Cap:

A Red Cap is a murderous faery found in Scottish folklore. He is an old hunch-backed man, carrying an iron-pike, donning iron-clad boots, who is fast as lightning. He dwells in castles and towers, killing travelers regularly to keep his red cap drenched in blood, for if his cap dries out, he will turn to stone.

I think Andy nailed it with his frightening and sinister version of the Red Cap.

Here is an EXCERPT from the Guardian of the Moon Pendant with the Bloody Baron the Red Cap!!!

The Bloody Baron zipped down the stairs, harnessing a desire to quench his thirst, his bony finger skimmed through my luscious red fluid, his fingertip drenched in my juice as he slid it into his grimy mouth, lighting up his eyes, painting a twisted grin across his sullen face. “So sweet,” he murmured, “sweeter than sweet…”

That's all for today!

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